Chess Checker

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Automatically convert your hand-written chess scoresheet into an electronic chess game file. Learn how to improve your game.

Spend more time learning from your games.

Chess Checker

Improving chess players games since 2016

May 2016

Chess Checker

Chess Checker released, Chess Checker is a tool for 'over-the-board' chess players who want to learn from their games.

June 2016

1st Chess Tournament

Chess Checker's inaugural chess tournament at 2016 South Island Championships– Celebrating 150 years of the Canterbury Chess Club. Held in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The 2016 South Island Championships - 9 rounds, Chess Games played for each associated Chess Checker scoresheets completed.

March 2017

Club adopts Chess Checker

Canterbury Chess Club adopts Chess Checker
as the official system at the 2017 Canterbury Chess Club annual general meeting.

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