Intelligent Education

Understand how artificial Intelligence, the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and an agile culture could evolve your business.

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Artificial Intelligence

Understand how Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising the future of businesses. Start your voyage of Artificial Intelligence discovery and see how your business can benefit.

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Understand how an agile culture can transform your business and solution delivery. By empowering people through the collaborative effort of self-organising, cross-functional teams.

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Blockchain and Bitcoin

Understand how the blockchain works and how to develop smart contracts. Start your learning toward potentially using this technology to disrupt the future of your industry.

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Supporting the AI Community

Christchurch Artificial Intelligence Meetup

Seeing the future of Artificial Intelligence unfold in Canterbury

By bringing people together that have a passion for AI with a mixture of IT professionals and students.

Christchurch AI Meetup

This is a group for people wanting to explore, share and learn about:

Machine learning;
Neural networks;
Intelligent machines;
Understanding the creative minds behind these creations.

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